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Are you feeling stuck? Overwhelmed? Unsure? Fatigued? Lacking? Do you ever wish that you had a Genie in a bottle who you could turn to whenever in doubt? Well, I'm not a Genie, but I am here to assist you with gaining clarity into ANY situation. Besides, you don't need someone giving you the answers anyway. You need a chatty, friendly, to-the-point Intuitive, who can help you to develop strategies and solutions for gaining and maintaining a more fulfilling life. You KNOW that there's more to life than this. Work with me, to unlock all of the potential and magnificent Energies deep within you. Together, let's explore the many brilliant facets of YOU, and put into motion the steps to acquiring that Ideal Life that you most certainly deserve.


It's said that there's nothing better than Love, and I agree. Well, there's pizza...but that's another story. Love is that overpowering emotion that causes you to wake up early in the morning or sleep snuggled together, late in the afternoon. It is passionate and it is comfortable. It is complicated and it is simple. It is loud music and deafening silence. It travels over centuries and it's gone in the blink of an eye. And because Love is all of these conflicting labels, it helps to have an Intuitive Guide who is able to facilitate the open, and honest communication which will lead to the Love you desire.


We are all surrounded by an energy field called an Aura. The shape and color of one's Aura change with the state of your mind/body/spirit. These Auras are concentrated around the main 7 Energy centers or "Chakras" in your body. While viewing your Auras, I am able to get a sense of who you really are, where you are coming from, and how you want to grow in Spirit. I may view past experiences that have affected you. I may also get insight into the next steps on your journey. With an Aura reading, I'm looking to unblock the Chakras harboring any negative Energies and promote positive Energies to flow again. Knowing the state of your Chakras helps you to better design a plan to live the fulfilling life you deserve.

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