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LIVE CHAT - 15 minutes

This is a mini Q&A 15-minute Live Chat designed as a fast track to guidance on your Spiritual journey. Whether you need a pick-me-up or want a check-in, this session is your shortcut to clarity. Enjoy the whole experience from the comfort of your home – it's like a chat with a spiritual friend who's got the insights you need, right when you need them

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LIVE CHAT - 30 minutes

Dive deep into a 30-minute Live Chat to find the clarity you're seeking. This session is your personal exploration, a chance to uncover insights and understanding. Enjoy the whole experience from home, like a cozy chat with a spiritual guide who's there for you, unraveling the answers you crave in this truly life-altering experience.

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Distant Energy Healing has deep therapeutic effects, Spiritually, Physically, and Emotionally. Through my uniquely created Energy sessions, as we connect and a Peaceful and divine radiates between the two of us, you will begin to feel relaxed, refreshed, and renewed. I will assess your current Spiritual/Physical situation and channel my Guides to provide you with the most beneficial outcome, from the comfort of your own home. 

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An Oracle Card Reading involves a variety of beautifully designed cards that provide inspired meanings while allowing you to contact Spirit and the metaphysical realm. Valuable (& personal) information is delivered (as with Tarot decks) but without the complex meanings and procedures attached.

*All readings sent via email with pictures of the deck and a thorough explanation.


Dive into your dreams with our Dream Interpretation Reading! From your cozy space, receive a detailed summary unveiling the meaning and future signals of your dream. It's like having a decoder for your nighttime adventures, providing clarity and guidance for the path ahead.


Unlock the mysteries of your path with a Tarot Card Reading! Delve into insights and guidance right from your home. Your personalized spread, complete with a picture and meanings, transforms the mystical into the familiar. Enjoy a unique journey of self-discovery, all at your fingertips.

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