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Welcome to the Wise Spirit LIVE Chat page!


Use the BOOK NOW tab on the right to reserve your LIVE Chat session 

ONLY scheduled, paid chat sessions will be acknowledged on this page

  • Shortly after your reservation has been made and payment is received, you will receive a chat code along with a brief email explaining how to prepare for your LIVE Chat session. This code must be entered at the beginning of your session (as confirmation) in order to continue
  • Use the PINK chatbox located at the bottom of this page to begin your chat session 
  • You will receive a friendly 'end of session' reminder three (3) minutes prior to the end of your LIVE chat session
  • Any questions after the session has ended should be emailed to Wise Spirit and will NOT be responded to here. (keep in mind, that any additional questions are subject to additional service fees) 
  • If you feel that you require additional time, you must pay for and book an additional session. No extra (free) minutes will be provided, nor will the current session be extended

You've got Questions? Get Answers!

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