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  • Are you the Right Advisor for me? Well, if you're someone who is willing to put in the work and accept responsibility for making your next day, your best day...then Yes! Keep in mind that although I do believe in Magic, I don't believe in selling you woo-woo, rainbows, or fairy dust. I reach down deep into the muck to reveal and then release any negative and/or destructive patterns.


  • Are you a Psychic? Oh, how I dread this question. It always takes me to the dark section of a county fair, where there's a woman wearing vibrant colors and too much noisy jewelry. As she beckons you to come inside her makeshift tent, she exclaims that she can remove the 'bad luck' that she sees surrounding your Aura for an exorbitant amount of money. If that is your vision of a Psychic....then NO, I'm NOT a Psychic! However...if you've come to understand that there are folks who possess the unique ability to understand beyond the 'gut feeling' which most of us have...then YES, I AM a Psychic!

  • What is Intuitive Guidance? it is the exchange of Energy between you and the Intuitive, in a mutual effort for your overall well-being. The Intuitive empowers you to make informative and positive changes in your life while providing you with clarity, guidance, and understanding.

  • How can your services help me? I can help you to: free yourself of that 'stuck' feeling, restore balance to your life, work through attitudes/behaviors that may be causing difficulty in your life, gain clarity on life issues, connect/channel your Spirit Guides, shed light on questions that have you uneasy, find/develop a relationship that is positive and fulfilling, understanding and/or establishing your own Intuitive gifts, wedding/commitment ceremonies (FL only).

  • I have a lot going on in my life right now & find it hard to share - I've said it before, and I'll say it again...chatting with me is like talking to a Dear Friend. I do not judge, I do assume, and I do not make you feel uncomfortable. Anything discussed during a session is absolutely confidential.

  • I'd really like to have an in-person session with you - At the moment, I only provide online, email, phone, and occasionally Skype Intuitive sessions. I'm fortunate enough to have many long-time clients that I meet with in person, who keep my days filled. However, whenever a spot opens up I will reach out to anyone who has expressed interest in an in-person session.

  • I notice that you offer classes/retreats in Florida. Any chances of you expanding to other states? Indeed! I LOVE to travel, and am actually in the process of offering my 'Awaken Your Inner Goddess' to more places around the Globe....stay tuned :)

  • What type of client do you find will benefit most from your counseling? One who believes in Magic, as I do. One who is committed to seeing the glass as 1/2 full. One who is tired of being tired, and wants to change.

Steps to prepare you for your session:

  • Be open to the messages that are delivered by Spirit. My job is to provide you with the messages that you need not necessarily what you want to know.

  • Plan your session ahead of time. Make the most use of your scheduled session by preparing a list of questions that you'd like for me to focus on.

  • Take some deep breaths and clear your mind. A reading deals with energy, so it is important to generate positive energy for your session. Release any anticipation, worries, or projections that you may have.

  • Have a notebook (or journal) to jot down any important message that you receive during your session or to reference anything that you'd like to touch upon further.

What You WON'T get from me:

  • I will not provide services to anyone who is under the age of 18

  • I will not provide answers to any questions related to court cases, medical concerns, pregnancies, death, lottery, and/or gambling

  • I will not talk in Mystical, fanciful terms. If you're looking for the Crystals, Retrograde and Divination speak...I'm just not for you. I speak in layman's terms so that you leave your session understanding EVERYTHING that was said. 

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